Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome Everybirdy

Hello everyone!
This past season was a delight to see all the birds busy building their nest.  My husband built six bird houses this past spring.  And after seeing that the sparrows where stealing the nests from the blue birds, we decided to buy another bird house built specially for blue birds, but guess what?  The blue birds didn't use their special house, they choose to use the very first one they where trying to build a nest at the beginning of the season. 

Do you remember this? You can see it here .

(Click photos to enlarge)

Here's a little closer.  Every time I tried to get closer to them to take photos they fly away,  (My tiny camera doesn't zoom very much) Blue birds are very different from the Tree Swallows, which I was able to take photos of them two feet away.

The proud parents bringing food for their babies.

Let's peek inside the bird house!

One of them is yelling at me. . . Get out of here! I want my parents to feed me!

I'm looking forward to see them all grown-up, and as blue as can be . . .  perhaps like this pretty blue.
This is one of the many wild flowers we planted this past season.
(Sorry, but don't know the name.)

Mister Blue Bird you have won the fight!
Cheers to you and your cute family!

A new nest that I have just found.

I'm not sure if it's being abandoned.
To be continued . . .

May your day be filled with His splendor!
I'm joining . . .


  1. I love your post today and the tour of the birds in yuur yard. We too have blue birds that live in a bird house built just for them. I enjoy watching them fly back and forth feeding their babies. We have at least two families every year.

  2. Dearest Wendy,

    You all live in Paradise! Such beautiful birds and being able to peak inside their nest is so special.
    Love to you,

  3. The blue of that bird is gorgeous! You need to share this with Smiling Sally's Blue Monday linky party!!

  4. Hi Wendy: My friend just had baby blue birds fly the nest. I've never seen a real bluebird, only blue jays that squawk a lot. The blue flower is a Bachelor Button. My grandmother and I used to plant them. They are a very old fashioned flower and one of my favorites..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Great bird pictures. I hope the last nest is not abandoned. Such a beautiful setting--TFS!

  6. That is so sweet to see those little birds with their big mouths open! You are lucky to have them nesting nearby. They are very wary birds and don't stick around if there is too much activity. They will probably adopt your new bird house in the future. The blue bachelor's button flower is a great old fashioned flower! I should grow some of them as they make a nice filler for arrangements!

  7. Hi Wendy! Thankyou so much for visiting my blog. I am now your newest follower. How funny that we both had bird postings. Bluebirds are so cute but unfortunately they don't seem to come around my house. How lucky you are to have them. Love the baby bird photo. Thanks for sharing! Gina

  8. how fun for you!!!!! love this post & love seeing bluebird photo's (we don't have them in Seattle)!!!! thanks so much for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party this week! (finally just got my own post up) lol xoox, tracie

  9. Oh, Wendy - how BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen a bluebird except for in photos. How lucky that you have them so close! Your yard is gorgeous!!

  10. My oh my! Wendy I love your Birds!!Wish I had Bluebirds in my gardens I just had some baby sparrows in a dwarf spruce on my patio and I was blogging about them and then I went out one mornig to take some pics and they were gone:( I was so sad but happy for them:)Lovely pics! Deidre~



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