Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bird Bath Reborn

Hello darlings,

I bought this bird bath on clearance. It was a buy one get one free deal.  I could not pass that offer, but we are not too crazy with the vinyl look.  Here's the before picture.

So we decided to buy spray paint and
give it a good cover up, but first we
filled the inside of the base with cement
to make it stable.

Then came the paint.
~ Desert Bisque ~

And here's the after pictures...
The reborn bird bath

I'm very happy with the way it turn out!

The roses still blooming beautifully.

Have a blessed day!
With lots of love,

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Decoupage and New Treasures

Hello darlings,

We hope you had a lovely weekend.  Our weekend was great, we had such gorgeous weather... and we enjoyed every bit of it.  I want to share with you two craft projects that I did this past weekend.  My very first decoupage candle. 
                                         (Click photos to enlarge)
I LOVE it!

This is the rose I used to decorated
the candle.   

I had so much fun creating this candle, that
I couldn't stop there...  I also made a decoupage



This is the original look...
An English Lavender soap.

Now I will show you my new finds...
I love pretty boxes...

with pink roses

I'm always hunting for anything with
pink roses

We also found a big candle holder that matches perfectly
with our mantel and furniture.

A tiny porcelain box

A miniature plate of The Queen Mother
Queen Elizabeth

Displayed beautifully in company of more
blue pieces.

A lovely small vase and ...

a small bowl with pretty pink roses

By the way our knock-out roses are blooming beautifully!
How about your roses?  Do you still have them?

A lovely bouquet for you!

We found this mini candle holder
for just one dollar.

I added some crystals and candles to take
this picture, but I'll be adding a few more crystals
later on.

It's looking so pretty!
Don't you think?

I have more treasures, but this post is
 getting too long so this is it. 
Keep hunting for treasures darlings!

With lots of love,

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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Aromas of Autumn

Hello darlings,

Falling in love with fall and all that comes with its
harvest.  We have been like little squirrels, storing
for winter.  We canned and freeze some of our
local fruits, and we loving every minute of it. 
The apples are delicious and the peaches are
mouth watering.  Very tasty indeed.

(Click photos to enlarge) 
My dear husband busy at the milling process.

Do you like to have some apple sauce?

Almost ready for canning.

Delicious Apple Sauce!


The apple sauce has been canned, now let's
can some juicy peaches!

Getting a good bath in hot water to be able
to remove the skin easily.

VERY mouth watering!

I love them!

Very pleased with the results

We also canned carrots

Strawberry Jam and...

Cranberry Jam

We reused the tomato sauce jars,
CLASSICO (Atlas,Mason jars)

We give Thanks for all our Blessings!

Wishing you Harvest Blessings!


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