Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Lady Like

My son and his friends where at the dinning table eating, 
and when I saw them it came to my mind Gwendolyn's
previews tea parties.  I said to them let's have a pretend 
tea party.  Let's all enjoy the party! 

   ~My cute son when he was a year and five months old~ 

 Dear son Wesley, may the Lord's protection be with you!

Here are the photos with all those silly boys.
~Friendship multiplies the good of life...
Baltasar Gracion

~ "Mr. Belvedere" serving tea ~

~When in doubt... pinky out~

~Wesley and friend~

Let our door be open to one and all
who are simply passing through.
Let our heart be filled with the attitude
of a servant in all we do.

I am joining

~Martha for Teacup Tuesday

~Sandi for Teatime Tuesday

~Terri for Teacup Tuesday

~Wanda Lee and Pam for Teapot and Tea things Tuesday

 Have a blessed day!


  1. Love these photo's. What great memories you created.

    Lisa x

  2. Oh that's too cute! You should join one of the tea parties with this one! I bet they don't see young gentlemen behaving with such decorum very often *winks* Now I'm your newest follower. *smiles* Vanna

  3. Hi Wendy. Thank you for your nice comments on my doll blog. I've enjoyed your beautiful blog.
    Have a beautiful blessed week.

  4. Oh this is sooo cute!! I love it... great memories for sure!! Its so nice that they went along with you on this one. Love it!

    Lorene : )

  5. LOL- Nothing like boys at a tea comical! xxoo Diana

  6. They are all darling boys and having fun too.
    These are happy memories, right?

  7. Hi Wendy: I am so glad I found your blog. I just love all your tea cups. Your family is beautiful. It is so nice to find a sister in the Lord. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  8. Oh how fun! A tea party for all! Lovely people, lovely china and lovely tea cups.

  9. Wendy, I just love your pretty blog! It is so feminine and makes me feel right at home.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post today. Those boys are great sports and it looks like they really enjoyed themselves! {I am partial to boys because I have three of my own.} Thanks for sharing your fun post and joining me for tea.

    Blessings on you and your family,

  10. Having a wonderful time with your son and his friends is great. I love the smiles on their faces. I know you are enjoying them, your son has a great mom, too!

  11. I love your sense of humor! You could tell the guys really got in to it. Love the pinkies. Carol

  12. They look like they were good sports! I am sure they got to eat some delicious treats, so it wasn't too hard!
    Your son Wesley looks just like you too, you both have beautiful eyes.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

  13. Wendy your sweet post reminded me of my 2 boys! They loved to have tea with mom when they were younger and they wanted teacups and saucers. I found the neatest more manly set which they used.

    I give my niece a little teacup and saucer each year for her birthday and her brother who was about 12 at the time told his mom he wished he had a set. I ended up sending Connor one of the cups and saucers that the boys had used - he loved it!

    I think everyone just enjoys being treated special which these young men certainly did by the look on their faces!

    bee blessed

    ps- I'm following you back!

  14. Oh what a delight ! Love the photos of the guys holding their teacups so dainty, see, even boys ( young men ) like a good tea party, even if it is for laughs. And tea does make us happy, doesn't it?

    You have a handsome son.Great joy and blessing for you.

  15. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this post. I do think boys enjoy being treated from time to time.

    You can tell they had fun!

  16. Oh, I love it! That is just too, too fun! Great photos!

  17. Hello,
    I wanted to share with you that I featured your blog in my Inspired by YOU post today at A Delightsome Life.
    You can find the post here

    God Bless,

  18. My little grand daughter, granted she is a girl, but the memories we are creating over tea are invaluable. My grandson wants to participate, too, at 8 yrs. old, but really only likes many sugar cubes in the tea cup. Doesn't matter to me, it is still a memory.

  19. OMG! It's wonderful tea party with all those handsome boys! Sorry I took a while to visit, as I went to visit my granddaughters, Victoria 6-7 and Cayetana 4 years old. I did a tea for Valentine's: "Litlle Girls Valentine's"...they're having tea with a little tea set.....the memories are priceless my friend! Thank you for visiting, I'm always so thrilled to get visits from talented people.

  20. I love your blog!!! Such time you have put into it to make it so nice. Love it! And your post about the boys having tea makes me laugh and smile. Now I understand the tea cup coming on the mission trip. :) . . . I will have to bug you for tips on improving my blog. :)

  21. Hello Dear, What beautiful pictures! We can see many things, young people look happy to take tea, as experts in this art, a great event to share the most beautiful of all with love. Friendship. I congratulate you, and so cute, blog, hugs, Rose Marie

  22. Such a cute cute post and pics... I truly enjoyed looking at this party and party goers... ;) Wesley is a very handsome young man and he reminded me of my son Alan when he was a toddler... so precious... may you and your family be blessed.


  23. LOVE your blog background...did you make it ?
    Thank you so very much for dropping by...and joining my little group of bloggers. I will be happy to do the same for you.
    Would have to SO (bribe) PAY my grandsons to do this for me...they roll their eyes to this day when I show them portraits I made of them when they were little. They are now almost 24.. ( they area twins)
    Your son's friends were very cooperative I fun is this.
    If you love Shabby Chic AND Victorian you are MY kind of lady for sure.


  24. *LOL* What a cute bunch of guys having their tea!
    Your son was an adorable little boy and now a very handsome young man!



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