Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful Memories

Hello Darlings,

May Joy and Happiness surround you!
Today we are going to share fond memories of our
wedding day.  God blessed me with a wonderful
husband, two loving children and a beautiful family.
We praise our Saviour for everything He has done
for us. 

My beloved father

My love, thank you for all the love you
give each day!
Te Amo!

My dearest parents

Our wedding cake was delicious!!!

Love the fountain!

This was the "Thank you" card that
we send out.

Flowers from our present garden with
 our wedding photo in the background.

July 31, 1988

Love never ends...
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Have a blessed day!
With lots of love,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Master Bedroom

Hello Darlings,

Welcome to our nest!  A place where we rejuvenate,
and draw near to God.  Our sanctuary.


Always kiss me Goodnight!

~ Reflections

Caring for each other
is a beautiful reflection
of God's love...

My precious dolls!


May the happiness we share today
Only be the start of a deeper kind of joy
That will grow within our hearts...

And may the love we share today
Grow ever deeper, too,
To make our life together
A special dream ~ come ~ true.

United in Love
July 31, 1988

Have a lovely day!

With lots of love,

I'm joining

Sherry for  Open House Party




Thank you ladies for hosting!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Precious Finds

Hello Darlings,

The thrill of the hunt...
    The excitement...
 The joy of finding new treasures.
Yes, treasures... I'm going to share with you my latest finds.
Sit back and enjoy the thrill!

                               (click photos to enlarge)
A miniature teacup


A fine gentleman


My husband's favorite!


A beautiful dish!

 These treasures where found at

This painting was bought at a yard sale.


I saved the best for last...
Monday morning, I had to wake up early
to get there on time, or I was going to loose
some precious things...
...And guess what?
I made it on time,
What a victory!
Are you ready for the super thrill?
Here it is!

For this pretty teapot I paid $5.00

For this lovely teapot I paid $6.00

This teapot cost $5.00

My favorite!

Victorian Loveliness $8.00

Just precious!


I Heart Roses!

For this vase I paid $1.00

And the cutest of all!
Tea and Gossip
by Maud Humphrey

I hope you enjoyed the thrill as much as I did.

Have a wonderful week!
I am joining...

Thank you for hosting!


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