Sunday, June 26, 2011


A romantic symbol of everlasting love.  An indelible scent that lingers in our memory long after the blossom has faded...
                                 ~ Southern Lady Magazine

 Pink Double Knock Out Rose

Pink Knock Out Rose

Blushing Knock Out Rose

Take some time to stop and smell the Roses.
Our precious daughter, Gwendolyn

A very special Knock Out Rose Bunch

A rosebud is a promise, a beautiful one,
assuring us of more loveliness to come.

Al fresco with Roses

I adore bunnies!

And I heart Roses!
From the deepest claret to the palest blush
and every heavenly shade in between,
nothing speaks the language of flower
like the Rose.

"Love planted a rose, and the world
turned sweet."

Tea and Roses

No other flower has been so replicated
in art than the rose ...
its beauty gives the reason.

A Rose for you!

I am joining Cielo at All Roses Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Beverly at Pink Saturday

Have a very lovely day!

A Beautiful Enchanted Island - Borinquen


On 1493, Christopher Columbus discovered the island in his second voyage to the New World.  He found the island populated by as many as 50,000 Taino Indians. 

Tainos Indians called the island Boriken or Borinquen which means: "The great land of the valiant and noble lord" or "land of the great lords".  Today this word -used in various    modifications- is still popularly used to designate the people "Boricua" and island of Puerto Rico "Rich Port".

I Love Puerto Rico!

Its Beaches...

...And its ruins.

Life is fun at the Beach!

Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla

I am going to share with you
the lovely town I was raised, Moca.
Moca is known as "Bobbin Lace Capital".
It was founded in June 22, 1772
by Jose de Quinones.

This photo was taken from inside
the Catholic Church,
Moca's Plaza view

A statue of a lady Bobbin Lace Weaving

      My beloved grandmother and my         
 husband's grandmother used to practice 
this lovely tradition of "bobbin lace weaving"
 and my grandmother's oldest daughter still practicing, such a beautiful art; when I was a child I did use my "Mamita's mundillo", but only to play.   Oh! How I wish to know now "Bobbin Lace weaving the way "Mamita" used to created her gorgeous laces.   Do you think I should learn Bobbin Lace Weaving? 
Plaza de Moca

These are the vines' flowers found on the gazebos

 Catholic Church

So beautiful!

Statue of Jesus

Brandnew Chapel,  Moca

Moca has a few castles, and this one is
called Castillo Labadie or El Palacete Los Moreau

Next is the town I was born, Aguadilla.
It is known as The New Garden of the
Atlantic.  Aguadilla derives its name from a
name given by the Indians
"Guadilla" which means "Garden".
It was founded in 1775 by
Luis de Cordova.

Crash Boat Beach,  Aguadilla

 Town Hall

Catholic Church

I like the beautiful details of the buildings

San Sebastian
I hope you enjoyed the Enchanted Island of

I am joining Kate at Favorite Destinations Party


Have a wonderful and blessed week!

Lots of Love,


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