Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bloom where you are planted!

Hello dear ones,
I hope you are having a beautiful summer!

Our summer has been very dry. The lack of rain has turn our grass brown, but our flowers still blooming beautifully!

Time for tea, sweet friends!

A very sunny day and a hot one too!

May your days be bright!


Blackberries Time!

Hello dear ones,

Happiness is a bowl of fresh berries!

LIFE is a bunch of berries......
                                                        some sweet...some sour.....
                                                        some  crushed....some pitted....
                                                        some pearly black.....
                                                        lets gather them up......
                                                        for life looks great when served together...
~Kris Evan

We are having a very dry Summer!

Do you care for a cup of berries?

May your day be filled with His sweet blessings!




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