Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Woman's Scepter

From the sixteenth century up to the late 1800s throughout the whole of Europe, the dress of no fashionable lady en grande tenue appears to have been complete without the addition of a hand fan.  So prominent a part has this little “modish machine" played in intrigue, love, and scandal that it has been aptly termed "the woman's scepter." Invitations were given by it, assignations were made; a gracious furl encouraged the lover; a disdainful furl plunged him into despair. To read aright this language became a necessity in the education of all fine gallants, who must know how to understand each movement and interpret each flutter.

I Love hand fans! There  is something special in them,  I think it is because they hold so many secrets... Don't you think?

In my latest visit to an antique store, I bought this lovely wall fan. I added a feather boa and roses, and I'm loving the results. Here are the photos. Enjoy!

The beginning...

Feather Boa attached.

Roses being glued.

My lovely fan all done!

This fan is 43" width by 26 1/2" high.

It's big compare to this tiny one.
This one is 4" width by 2 1/4" high.

This small porcelain fan was made in Spain.

This hand fan is very special, because
it was given to me by my precious mother.
The printing on it represents part of
Puerto Rican history.

This fan came from Puerto Rico also.

A lovely half doll with her pretty fan.

He's holding his hat and she's
holding her fan.

This doll is so beautiful and she's holding
a pretty fan too.

The praises of the fan have been sung by poets
 in various ages and in various climes.

You can see more beautiful hand fans Here.

I hope you enjoyed my mini collection
of fans!

Have a blessed week!

With love,

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Last Colors of Autumn and Some Visitors

(Click photos to enlarge)

I really have enjoyed the awesome view that
we had from our back porch.
This photos was taken from there.

Behind our home is a hay pasture, and when
there is not tall hay you can see deer or turkeys
as they feast on the field.  It's really a
beautiful sight!

One time I counted more than 30 turkeys.

Late Spring and you can see Winter Here.

This photos were taken after a rainy afternoon.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Blessings to you!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

An October full of Splendor

Hello darlings,

We had a very dry summer, and watering our 
plants was an endless chore.  Autumn arrived
and with it came rain.  Yes,  lots of rain...
Our plants started growing and blooming
like crazy.  It felt like if spring had returned
once again to our gardens.  Here are pictures
of our second Spring.

                                   (Click photos to enlarge)
"You ought to know that October is the
first Spring month."
~ Karen Copk

The herb & vegetable garden was stunning!

~ Basil ~

~ Catnip ~

~ Lemon Balm ~

~Mint ~
Enjoying nectar!

~ Rosemary ~

~ Oregano ~

We have everbearing strawberries sharing
the same garden ... 
... and small creatures too!

This is our first Muscadine grapevine.
 Native to Southeastern, USA

Our first harvest!

"There ought to be Gardens for all
Month in the year, in which, severally,
things of Beauty may be then is Season."
~ Sir Francis Bacon

~ Hot peppers ~

~ Okra's blossom ~

~ Okra ~

"Just before the death of flowers,
and before they are buried in snow,
there comes a festival season
when nature is all glow."
~ Author Unknown

"I cannot endure to waste anything as
precious as Autumn sunshine by
staying in the house.  So I spend almost
all daylight hours in the open air."
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Blessings in this bountiful season!

With lots of Love,

I'm joining...

Thank you very much for hosting!


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