Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blooming Season

Hello dears,

Welcome back!  It's a delight to have you over.  Come and join us for tea.  Today my sweet daughter is having tea with us too.  May your time spent in our garden be a joyful one.

(Cilck photos to enlarge)

Gwendolyn loves to read and write.  I'm going to share with you some of her writing that she wrote back in springtime . . .

Spring is the beginning of new life.  When the sun is shining bright and the weather is perfect.  When the flowers start to grow and the trees get their green color once more.  The time when birds sing their songs and play in the bird baths.
~Gwendolyn C.

It's a peaceful season when one can tend their garden or sit under a shady tree and drink iced tea while reading a good book, or just lay there and let the warm breeze play with your hair, tickle your nose and dance through your toes.
~Gwendolyn C.

A time to have picnics and feed the ducks and watch sail boats float by.  To take a lovely walk in the woods or park and to breath in the sweet heavenly smell of roses.  To feel the soft green grass under your feet, time to blow bubbles and watch them float around and pop, and fly a kite to watch it soar high above the clouds or swing on a swing.
~Gwendolyn C.

Spring is also time for work, to clean the windows, mop the floors and sweep the deck.  Polish the silver till it sparkles and shines; flip the mattress, dust the furniture and decor, clean the mirrors, and take out the winter outfits from your closet and put your spring ones in place.  Pull the weeds, do the edging, clip the tree branches, mow the lawn, plant new flowers and spread the mulch.
~Gwendolyn C.

Hope you are having a delightful time !

Dear daughter, bloom where ever you are planted!

Lastly spring is a time to enjoy the company of a loved one or a friend and have tea in the garden while watching the sun go down.
~Gwendolyn C.

Have a bright day!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh Deer!

Hello everyone,

I hope your weekend be a great one!  Yesterday morning came a fawn to pay us a visit and to munch some of our raspberry plants, which is not allowed in our yard.  I ran and took a couple of pictures before chasing it out. 

He's hiding.  Can you see the two little ears?

In this photo you can see his face.

He was very afraid so I opened the gate to let him go to the woods.

It was a precious opportunity been able to see him in our own backyard and so close.

Singing another tune our backyard new flower beds are blooming great.

All our sunflowers in this photo were planted by a chipmunk.

Pool deck.

Have a fabulous weekend!

I'm joining . . .


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