Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh Deer!

Hello everyone,

I hope your weekend be a great one!  Yesterday morning came a fawn to pay us a visit and to munch some of our raspberry plants, which is not allowed in our yard.  I ran and took a couple of pictures before chasing it out. 

He's hiding.  Can you see the two little ears?

In this photo you can see his face.

He was very afraid so I opened the gate to let him go to the woods.

It was a precious opportunity been able to see him in our own backyard and so close.

Singing another tune our backyard new flower beds are blooming great.

All our sunflowers in this photo were planted by a chipmunk.

Pool deck.

Have a fabulous weekend!

I'm joining . . .


  1. Those are such sweet pictures of the deer, and your garden and the scenery where you live is so beautiful.


  2. Wendy- What a sweet little fawn. Don't you just love them? Your gardens are just gorgeous- they make me jealous! I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  3. Hi Wendy: What a precious little thing. I know they play heck with the gardens, but how could you not think them precious. Your flowers are simply beautiful and I would love to have a chipmunk for a gardener..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. Awe what a sweet little fawn and your flowers look beautiful!

  5. Hi Wendy! Your flowers and yard are so beautiful. It's so nice to see green grass these days! The deer is sweet but I also chase them out of my yard! I love your arbor, what kind of flowers are on it? Have a blessed Sunday! Gina

  6. such a sweet fawn,so cute, I'd come visit your garden also, it is so peacefully beautiful!

  7. Oh my goodness how adorable! I love the photo of his little face peeking out from behind the flowers..what great photo you were able to capture.
    Your garden looks so pretty and your yard is amazing.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  8. Hi Wendy,
    First of all thank you so much for visiting me. I love your garden and the arbor. The fawn of course is adorable, hope he found something else to eat other than your fruit. We get many raccoons and possums, they eat anything and everything. I should mention that your hubby's birds are gorgeous, I like the cardinal best. Beautiful work. Hugs, Lu

  9. Hi Wendy,

    What a precious little fawn. Your yard is so lovely with the pretty arbor! I have one too. Just beautiful photos.

  10. What a lovely garden - would love to have you come link this post to Tea In The Garden - darling fawn........

  11. ciao il tuo blog è bellissimo come la tu casa e il giardino tutto molto romantico baci lu

  12. If I were a fawn, I would want to visit your yard too :)



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