Monday, May 19, 2014

Porcelain Half Dolls

Hello dear ones,

Today I'm sharing our little collection of porcelain half dolls, and here is a little bit of history about them which reached the height of their popularity between 1900 and 1930. The majority of these dolls were made in Germany, with some being produced in Italy, England, France, America and Japan. These early half dolls were expensive and considered an extravagant possession. In the 1920s, the dolls became more modern in appearance, displaying bobs and flapper attire. Later models did not possess the same quality of design, being mass produced and poorly glazed.

Half dolls were employed in a wide variety of uses in early 20th-century households.  Most commonly, the dolls functioned as pincushions, whisk brooms, bottle stoppers, lamp shades and powder puffs.  Other half dolls sported wide, flowing skirts that could cover teapots, toiletries or other objects.

Because half dolls were often sculpted without clothing, they also served as useful models for young ladies learning to sew.

Have a lovely week!



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