Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Sweet Cardinal

Hello everyone!
Today it's raining, and I'm thankful for it, because it is one more chore that I don't need to do.  Pulling that long hose around our yard to water all our plants is quite a chore and time consuming.  So I'm very glad that it's raining. Every plant is looking healthy and pretty.  And now talking about pretty I'll be sharing a pretty Cardinal that my husband just carved.  This cardinal it is my hubby's third carved bird.  And he made it specially for my beloved mother.  Every time my mother sees a cardinal her heart start pumping fast, (I'm that way too).  So now you may want to sit comfortable because I'm going to share lots of photos of this beautiful bird.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Cardinals, may be the most easily-identifiable bird in the world. Their bright red feathers give them away and make them favorites among young and old alike. These songbirds enjoy warmer climates and, unlike other birds, they do not migrate.  The average lifespan of cardinals in the wild is 15 years.

Harrison Bay State Park, TN

~ The beginning of becoming a beautiful bird ~

All done!

~ Our Daylilies are blooming beautifully ~

God bless us all . . .

~ Precious Beginning ~

This daylily was a gift to our daughter from a nice fellow we met at his Mountain Vista Farm.  He thought that it was very nice that our teenager daughter was accompanying us in such a hot summer day, just looking and admiring daylilies. As a token she received this lovely daylily named Precious Beginning.

Here's the Mountain Vista Farm.

~ Gorgeous Daylilies ~

~ Among the Roses ~

~ Our new Raspberry Plant ~

We bought three Raspberry plants this season, and we are hoping those plants multiply so we can keep planting along the fence.  We also bought three Blackberry plants.

I think he's looking so real!  Don't you think?

~ Among the Blueberries ~

Sir Rupert . . . our curious sweet loving kitten . . .
love him to pieces!

My husband's bird carving creations.

His very first one a Chickadee you can see it here .
The second one a White-throated sparrow you can find it here .

I think he's so talented, and I'm so proud of him.
Well done, my love!

This hummingbird it's his forth one.  And is going to be a gift for a dear friend.

May your day be filled with happy chirping songs!


I'm joining . . .

Courtney for Feathered Nest Friday



  1. Wendy- He does an amazing job on those birds. I can't wait to see the hummingbird one done. Do you paint them or does he?

    Those day lilies are just beautiful. I don't know much about day lilies so I didn't realize that there were some that are so "full" with the doubled petals. Gorgeous- xo Diana

  2. He is so danged clever. Would he ever consider creating one on commission? I would LOVE a goldfinch for my home, Finch Rest!!!!!

    He is really amazing.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Dearest Wendy,

    Your husband deserves all kudos and lots of compliments for his stunning woodcarving.
    We too had lots of rain, mainly while we were off to Florida. Our garden and grass is so lush and green. Wonder for how long as it is not really deep into the soil.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. OH wow your husband is very talented! Love to see the Hummingbird!Such a sweet post....thanks for sharing!

  5. Your husband sure has a unique and special talent...unbelievable how beautiful those are! thank you for sharing this post (& birdies) over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party! xoox, tracie

  6. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more...blessings

  7. I love cardinals and this one is gorgeous! Your husband is very gifted - they are all so beautiful!



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