Tuesday, August 6, 2013

25th Silver Anniversary

Hello dear ones,

On July 31st we celebrated our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary!  Such a special occasion has to be celebrated at grand, and what better place to celebrate visiting Biltmore House, America's Largest Home in Asheville, North Carolina.  We spent a beautiful day at the Chateau and its grounds.  First we are going to share a couple of photos of our special day Twenty Five years ago, "Our Wedding". Then you need to get comfy, because we are taking an amazing tour at Biltmore Estate.  Enjoy Your visit!

United in Love
July 31, 1988 ~ July 31, 2013
25 Years Together!

Now we are going to take you with us to this magnificent visit!

Photography is not allowed inside the house, but thanks to the Internet we can see some of the rooms.
Let's go inside, shall we!

Entrance Hall
Banquet Hall
Mr. Vanderbilt's Bedroom
Mrs. Vanderbilt's Bedroom

Louis XV Style Bedroom
Tapestry Gallery
Indoor pool was heated and still has its original underwater lighting. 
So beautiful!

~ * ~    Italian Garden    ~ * ~

~ * ~   Gardens   ~ * ~

Rose Garden


Walled Garden

~ * ~   Farm Life at Biltmore   ~ * ~

Mr. Chicken was such a trooper.

~ * ~    Farmyard    ~ * ~

Inn on Biltmore Estate
~ & ~   
Antler Hill Village & Winery  

For information go to Biltmore.com

~ * ~    A Quick Tour of Biltmore Estate   ~ * ~


I hope your visit was a delightful one!

With love,

I'm joining . . .

Sherry for Open House Party


  1. Beautiful wedding photo's Wendy, and happy 25th anniversary. Biltmore is very pretty, I went there for my 25th anniversary, a gift from our children. Loved it. December will be our 50th. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Congratulations on yours 25 anniversery!! And what a beautiful trip you made!! So special to see thouse beautiful pictures and video!!

    Enjoy each other and make a other new 25 years!!!

    Hugs Sharon

  3. What a wonderful place to celebrate! Very lovely and let me tell you that you both look lovely!

  4. Dearest Wendy,
    Wow, no wonder that you were quiet on Blogger... I left you my congrats in the previous post.
    What a lovely repeat for your silver anniversary. Dreamy wedding pictures too!
    I like the gardens more than the 'over-done' inside...

  5. Congratulations!!!
    And what a spectacular place to celebrate XOXOX

  6. Oh my goodness Wendy! How beautiful and thank you for taking us along with you! I have seen the Estate featured in Victorian Homes magazine several years ago. What a lovely place to go for your anniversary! And by the way...Happy 25th Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride and and even more beautiful 25 years later. :)

  7. Congratulations on your silver anniversary! What beautiful photos, thank you so much for sharing. We visited Biltmore a few years ago in April. Your post brought back lots of special memories.

  8. Wow wow wow wow wowsers. That was a fabulous tour with awesome photos! Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations on your anniversary. You two look absolutely great, too! Susan

  9. Hey Wendy!
    So glad you like my potting bench...and yes, $28 is a pretty good price tag to boot~! lol
    Your wedding cake is SO close to ours! We were married on valentines day and had the fountain with red water, and also had the stairs coming down the sides. I had to smile when I saw your cake! Happy Anniversary to you! We just had our 28th anniversary back in February, so our 30th will be just around the corner!

  10. Wow what a marvelous tour. Congratulations on your anniversary and you are still looking marvelous after 25 years.

  11. wow what an entry hallway, I've never seen anything like this and the gardens are magnificent, thanks for sharing them

  12. I absolutely LOVE the Biltmore Estate. It is so grand and the grounds are magnificent! Happy Anniversary! It must have been wonderful to celebrate there. These pics brought back memories. Lovely.

  13. Wendy, Congrats to you and your husband! The Biltmore is a beautiful place and the perfect place to spend your anniversary. Thanks for sharing this special day at the Open House party.

  14. Isn't the Biltmore an amazing place? Your photos were wonderful and congratulations on 25 years. :)

  15. Hello Wendy - congratulations on 25 years! Dearest and I celebrated last year - now I am wishing we'd gone to Biltmore! We went a few years back and only spent a few hours as we were sponsors at a nearby Christian summer camp - the photos are gorgeous - especially of you and your husband! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,
    I appreciate you sharing,

  16. O my such a long time, that's just wonderful... Congratulations on 25 years.. your photos are amazing.. looks like a grand time.. with love Janice

  17. Dearest Wendy,
    Happy Birthday to you!



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