Thursday, July 25, 2013

Honey Bees

Hello dear ones,

Today I'm going to share with you photos of my dear husband and his new babies, he said they are his girls.  When my husband said that he was going to buy honey bees, we didn't like the idea, but for our luck his bees are very calm and they are not bothering us at all, specially when we are in the pool, which was our concern. 

Looking for the queen.

In this photos (top and below) we can see that the bees has starting building the comb.

I was able to walk very close to the box without protection and without being bothered by them. :)

These two photos shows another frame with a lot more comb built.

Wow! Look at that frame it has some honey, and many new baby bees soon to join the crowd.  My DH said it was pretty heavy to hold it.

Roses for you!

May your day be as Sweet as Honey!
With love,
I'm joining . . . 


  1. Wow Wendy, that's amazing! You have the perfect yard for attracting honey bees too! So beautiful and I LOVE honey!

  2. I think bee keeping is fascinating. We had to call in an expert to remove a hive when our daughter was little. It was amazing to watch him.

  3. Aw that post makes me nostalgic! 3 generations of my family are and have been beekeepers. My grandad has retired, as my brother steps in to learn the trade :) Its a great job. They use already made wax comb in their frames though :)

  4. How exciting,I think it would be so much fun. You have a gorgeous garden,love the tea pot and teacup

  5. Love your garden Wendy, I'm sure the bees do to. Love the teapot and cup, what a great idea.

  6. Dearest Wendy,
    That is such a great hobby. My husband used to have bees when he was a teenager. He had many beehives and they were put out into the heath, in nature. Unfortunately after the heavy bombardment, about Arnhem in The Netherlands during WWII all his beehives were scattered. He lost ALL of his bees; very sad! Your husband will enjoy doing this. You now have to look for planting the best flowers into your garden for pollen and everything for the bees.

  7. He's a brave guy! Your garden is lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment on the church nursery I decorated...I just love how it turned out! :)

  8. I bet your bees love your beautiful flowers! Your hubby is brave but he is doing a needed thing by keeping the bees. Seems like we have less and less bees here every summer. Your bee flag is so cute and so is your hanging teapot!

  9. That is amazing and you will so enjoy the honey! And probably have lovely Christmas Gifts for your family too!



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