Friday, March 1, 2013


Hello dear ones,
We took some time off last summer, and when we came back home this is what it greet us.

(Click photos to enlarge)

My dear husband planted a total of twenty of this Crape Myrtle.  The first ones (10) that he planted, six of them died and the other four we transplanted to the backyard.  The reason why the trees died was because we had to much rain in that season.  So the next year we when back to the nursery and bought ten more.  This time we pick Crape Myrtles with a more intensive color, and I'm  so glad for that, because the color of the new ones are so vivid.  When everything  start to fade away late in summer time, I know that the best is yet to come. 

Crape Myrtle

Do you know the name of this flower?

I hope you enjoyed the vivid colors of that awesome season . . . Summer!  I'm looking forward for vibrant colors in a near future!  What about you, sweet friend?

I'm joining . . .

Sandi for HOME Party


  1. Oh, Wendy that is so awesome!

    What a beautiful sight that must be in full bloom, wow. How sweet of him for SURE!!

  2. Wendy que el Señor bendiga las manos que los sembraron son una belleza.Besos.Olga.

  3. Dearest Wendy,
    That is one of the best shrubs for the South and your color is lovely.
    Looking forward to that time of year again...
    Hugs to you,

  4. Dearest Wendy,

    Thank you for become my follower!! I am also yours follower too!!
    Your blog is lovely, thanx for sharing!!

    Hugs Sharon

  5. wow the trees are beautiful, love the pretty pink I think this color really stands out and looks wonderful, guess it was just meant to be...

  6. Wendy, your bushes are lovely! What a pretty sight to come home to and enjoy in your yard. Thank you for sharing at my HOME. I like your new teacup blog background; cute!




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