Thursday, June 6, 2013

Once Upon A Castle called Gwynn . . .

Hello dear ones,

Our last couples of weeks we spend it visiting different places with our family.  From Disney World to The Lost Sea Adventure and everything in between.  We all were so tired, but happy to be able to see all those amazing places.  Today I'm taking you to Castle Gwynn, Tennessee.  Enjoy your visit!

Gwendolyn had the honor to pose next to Mike Freeman, owner of Castle Gwynn.  Mike Freeman also gave everybody the Welcome and History of his castle in person to each group (hundreds of people) that arrived throughout the day.  I think that was an amazing thing to do.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Freeman for sharing parts of your beautiful medieval home with all of us!

This is the entrance to Castle Gwynn

Taylor Swift's music video "Love Story" was filmed at Castle Gwynn

"Love Story"
Enjoy this lovely music video!


You can read more about Castle Gwynn  HERE and  the Renaissance Festival that they celebrate every May HERE .

Inside the castle

Tea Time

Garden Time

Next time I will share with you photos of the Renaissance Festival that take place at the castle grounds every weekend in the month of May.

Make a joyful noise!

With love,

I'm joining . . .

Cindy for Show and Tell


  1. That is just all too cool! What a neat experience - I want to go there someday!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks Wendy, for the tour, I enjoyed your post.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Haven't seen much of you lately, glad you're back! The castle is wonderful beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Gina

  4. Very Pretty...Thanks for sharing......I just love looking at castles!!

  5. Wish I could go, that looks fun and you went before it gets to Hot.


  6. What a lovely blog you have here.
    I enjoyed your post about the castle...very nice.

  7. Wow, didn't know there were castles in Tennessee. There aren't many in the States. There is also the Singer Castle and the Boldt Castle in Thousand Islands area in NY.

    -Brittany Ruth

  8. It's so pretty! Thanks for sharing all your great photos. Take care - Dawn

  9. how surreal but cool at the same time, perfect setting for a Rennaisance festival, thanks for sharing

  10. Didn't know there were castles in the US - only in Europe. Thanks for the tour, it was marvelous! I enjoyed the video too.



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