Monday, December 10, 2012

You got to love . . .

Hello dear ones,

You got to love the season . . . , we celebrate our Saviour's birthday, and you also get to play with decorations once again.  I know that we love to decorate our homes, specially during Christmas time.  Here is a peek of our little Christmas tree in the dining room, it's a Tea Time theme, and some photos of our daughter's Christmas tree, which is Paris theme.  I really love the way that Gwendolyn's Christmas tree turn out, so beautiful.

(Click photos to enlarge)

~ Christmas tree in the dinning room ~

The little cupcake it's a chocolate scented candle, smells so delicious.

I got to have Roses, of course! ;)

Our daughter's Christmas tree . . . love it!

A very cute high heel ornament.

Perfume ornament

Handbag ornament

Lipstick ornament

A tiny gift box from Dollar Tree.

We had lots of fun finding all the ornaments for this little tree.
The Christmas tree was bought at Big Lots, and the ornaments came from Hobby Lobby and Walmart. 

And here is a peek to the living room's Christmas tree.

This is my very first time using the wide ribbon. 

This angel tree top came from a local thrift store, and I paid $2.00 for it.  Love finding those kind of treasures.

This is my new ornament for this year, I bought it at Hobby Lobby . . . got to love that store!

Rejoice with His Divine Gift . . . and let every heart prepare Him room!

With lots of love,

I'm joining . . .

Sandi for Home Party


  1. Wendy-That little white tree is as beautiful as I would expect at your house. So softly pretty. You did a great job with the wide ribbon on the big tree, too. I have not tried that yet- xo Diana

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Wow, everything looks absolutely beautiful and so inviting! I truly enjoyed my tour of your lovely holiday decorations.

  3. Beautiful trees! I love your teacup tree,

  4. Your trees are so pretty. The wide ribbon looks awesome. That cupcake candle is way too cool. Looks good enough to eat :)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Dearest Wendy,
    You have some lovely trees and smart for collecting things at all the stores you mentioned! Hugs to you and enjoy this special Advent season, leading to Christmas.

  6. What beautiful Christmas trees! Your teacup decorated tree is so cute and how fun for your daughter to have her own tree. Very pretty large tree, love the decorations and the ribbon! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Your Christmas trees are lovely! I especially love your teacup tree. I love this season and all the beauty that surrounds us; the lights, the ornaments, the music and food. But the real beauty is that of His love for us and what He has done for us. If it wasn't for His sacrifice we wouldn't be celebrating this glorious season at all. Thank you for sharing and coming to my HOME. Have a beautiful holiday season with your family and friends, my friend.

    Christmas blessings,

  8. Wendy,
    I am playing catch up...
    Love all of your beautiful trees!!
    I am so sorry that i have not been by sooner but I am going to spend a bit of time with you now so you will be seeing more comments popping up...




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