Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Curious kitty

Hello dear ones,

Our Sir Rupert is a big explorer and a curious kitty.   I placed some leaves under a pumpkin and the next day I found one some place else, he took it and started playing with it.

I placed an acorn on top of the pumpkin to be able to take this picture.

Here he's exploring his new find.

We never played rough with Sir Rupert, so he has a docile and affectionate nature. We taught him to kiss, so every time we are laying down he comes and greets us with a nose to nose kiss.  We love him to pieces.  He also acts like a ragdoll cat, he flops and roll whenever we try to move him out of our way.

So darling!

After all the exploration it's time to relax.

This photo was taken last year.
He's so cute! We love him so very much.
He's ready to give me a kiss.

Here he's trying to get the daylily through the glass door, curious kitty. :)

Some more exploring!

 Dublin Elaine Daylily from Oakes Daylilies

Click here to visit Oakes Daylilies, and you can see all the varieties of daylilies they offer.

Dublin Elaine

This beautiful daylily plant was a gift to us when we attended one of their Daylilies Festivals.  Each visitor received one daylily plant, I think that is so sweet and generous of them to do that.  Don't you think?

Wishing you a marvelous and blessed day!
With lots of love,


  1. Dearest Wendy,

    What a darling Sir Rupert you have indeed! He is tiny when you hold him, or was he still a kitten than? We just got a new kitten. Somebody must have tossed him out. Went twice to the vet with him already... paying for somebody else's neglect. He got a gum infection in his mouth and it is affecting his eyes and everything. Barely get to see his eyes. We hope that within a week he will become more playful, as he should at his age, guessing 3 months. We found him in our magnolia tree; literally skin over bones. It breaks our hearts to see a baby-animal suffer like that. HOW cruel some people can be?!
    Hugs to you animal friend,

  2. Oh Wendy, Sir Rupert is beautiful! What a sweetheart!

    Funny coincidence - my sister once had an all-white kitty and his name was Sir Raleigh Winstead- but they usually just called him Winnie - something about those all white kitties that seem regal, they're all KNIGHTS!

  3. Awww what a precious adventurous kitty, he is just soooo handsome ;)


  4. Hi Wendy: Sir Rupert is quite a charmer and so pretty. He was made to be photographed by a pumpkin! I love a curious cat. Our little Maggie was so tramatized before we got her that she doesn't have much of a curious nature or a playful one. So sad but she is very loving and purrs when she is near her family but will never sit on our laps or let us pick her up. We just give her a warm fire to lay in front of and that seems to make her happy..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Hi Wendy! Your cat is adorable! Love the little black spot on his head. How cute! Gina

  6. Sir Rupert is so handsome. I love these photos of him! (especially the one with the day lily)...


  7. What a pretty kitty! I love the day lily, such a pretty color.



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