Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Autumn days

Hello dear ones,

“Flowers are like friends; they bring color to your world.” ~unknown

We had such a gorgeous Autumn day! Our cosmos are looking marvelous and so our chicken coop.

Have a blessed one!


Monday, March 2, 2020

Hello March

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.”
~ S. Brown

Our first Daffodils from our garden

I love my Tea Rose collection made by Pfaltzgraff

What I like about Pfaltzgraff stoneware collection is that I can keep adding pieces to it, also if a dish breaks we can replace it. 

Have a lovely day!

Monday, February 10, 2020

National Umbrella Day

Happy National Umbrella Day!

February 8, 2020

July 2018

My beautiful mother, Rosa

Much love,

Just dreaming ...

Hello dear ones, 

I'm looking forward to see our gardens wake up from their winter nap, and to greet our flowers and the birds once again!

Blossoms appear in the land, the time of singing has come . . .  Song of Solomon 2:12

May His light always shine on you!

Much love,

Winter Wonderland

Hello dear ones,

It's been a while since my last post!  Today I'm going to share with you our beautiful snowfall that we had this past Saturday.  Tennessee doesn't get a lot of snow, but when it does it's beautiful. 

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland!

Rose Haven

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves 

Our cat Sir Rupert 

Stay warm!
Much love,


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